Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Affordable 10 Inch Sparklers

Facts and Uses For 10 Inch Sparklers

  We know you soon to be brides already have a lot on your plate before your big wedding day.  That's why at ViP Sparklers we want you to have to worry about one less thing!  We want to help you out and briefly go over each and every different sparkler we offer and how best to use them.  Our first sparklers we want to touch upon is our 10 inch wedding sparkler we offer.  These are swiftly becoming one of our best selling sparklers for weddings and all romantic occasions. A lot of restaurants especially love our #10 inch sparklers because they go fantastic with desserts!  We are happy to announce our ten inch sparklers are safe for indoor use.
10 Inch sparklers in action
10 Inch Sparkler in action

  Why do we love our 10 inch sparklers for weddings?  These are the absolute best sparklers to attach to your wedding cake.  These unique ten inch sparklers are steel wired so they won't leave any ashy residue on your beloved cake! But why stop there with our ten inch sparklers! The most exciting way to incorporate these sparklers is when using them for first dances.  Using our sparklers for first dances has produced some of the most magical photographs and video's! Having the newly bride and groom enjoying their first dance while being surrounded by there loved ones holding sparklers creates a magical, almost fairy tale ending.

First Dance with our ViP Sparklers!

  It doesn't stop there for other ways to use our #10 inch sparklers at weddings! We've recently had a lot of brides express to us that they've been using these specific sparklers for wedding toasts.  Why not let the speaker have the floor with a stage to remember!

  Don't forget these smaller sparklers are used for countless other romantic occasions as well as for, fourth of July, Halloween, sweet sixteen, and Quinceañeras.  The best part about these certain sparklers is they are very reasonable priced at ViP Sparklers and we offer them at a discounted rate which make they cheap for all types of occasions.

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