Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cheap Wedding Favors

Cheap Wedding Favors

  A bride often has a checklist way too long and never enough time it feels like!  We wanted to help brides getting ready for their big day with some helpful and cheap wedding favors.  Just choosing wedding favors can often be a big ordeal and you can easily be caught up in trying to decide which way to go.  Now we wanted to avoid themed wedding favors as those are often too easy if you are having a beach wedding or specific theme at your wedding.  Below are some of the most popular wedding favors for the 2016 weddings with a neutral setting.  Enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback! 

Personalized Wine Glasses

  These personalized wine glasses serve a dual purpose!  Not only can the you give these personalized wine glasses away, but the guests can even choose to use them that same night.  You can jazz up these wedding favors as much as you want or keep it classy and simple with just your names and wedding dates on them.  You will quickly find the reception of these wedding favors to go over extremely well!  The best part about these wine glasses is they are extremely cheap.  Many websites offer these customizable wine glasses in many shapes and sizes.

Wedding Sparklers

  Wedding sparklers quickly became popular amongst the wedding scene back about five years ago and continue to surge to the top of the most popular wedding favors.  If you are looking for a cheap wedding favor look no further than wedding sparklers.  Many websites offer cheap wedding sparklers, but you will want to be careful when choosing sparkler wedding favors.  We highly recommend two wedding companies when it comes to using a reliable and a sparkler company that sells true wedding sparklers.  A lot of companies will portray to sell sparklers for weddings, but will typically just be regular sparklers.  When it comes to purchasing sparklers for wedding favors look no further than ViP Sparklers or even Grand Wedding Exit.  Both of these suppliers use sparklers made for events and weddings.  Sparklers from both of these suppliers offer cheap prices which make these sparklers perfect for wedding favors!  They both carry many sizes and quantities, so jump right over.  We guarantee these will be the best pictures of your entire wedding! 

Wedding Poppers

 Another popular avenue you will find to celebrate your wedding when it comes to wedding favors happen to be wedding poppers!  You can actually go with two different types of poppers for your wedding.  You can choose to use wedding poppers at every guests table for when you choose to enter the reception.  When these little poppers all go off at once they help make a nice intimate entrance celebration.  These little poppers are great and cheap wedding favors and safe for all ages!  Now if you want to make a bigger ViP Sparklers actually offer a more powerful popper that you can have go off when you give your first kiss during the wedding or even when you leave the chapel or venue!  These wedding poppers are filled with compressed co2 air and we only recommend adults use these.  The pictures these wedding poppers create will make you glad you chose these wedding favors!

Personalized Wedding Napkins

 Often scene at weddings as one of the cheapest wedding favors around is the personalized napkins.  This used to be a boring selection for weddings back in the day.  But today many new websites that focus on reinventing the wheel have really found some special ways to spice up your napkins.  Instead of just seeing the wedding dates and names of the newlyweds you can now add personalized pictures, figurines, practically anything your creative self can come up with. Instead of just having this as another wedding chore, make your personalized wedding napkins steal the show at the wedding!  This is why we added these wedding napkins as no brainer under cheap favors for weddings.

 When it comes to weddings and finding cheap wedding favors you can often get lost and become frustrated.  Our number one recommendation is to relax and come back and forth multiple times when finally deciding which favors to have at your wedding.  There are endless options to choose from for cheap wedding favors, we recommend even picking our ideas of what you would like before you even go to look through the thousands of wedding favors!  

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