Monday, December 14, 2015

Brooklyn Wedding Sparklers

   Wedding Sparklers In Brooklyn, New York

  As the most populous of New York City's five boroughs, Brooklyn offers its residents and tourists much to enjoy.  Whether you are seeking a view of a light show or the New York waterway, Brooklyn is one of America's most popular wedding destinations.  During it's Spring and Summer joy, Brooklyn, New York has beautiful botanical gardens with breathtaking backdrops.  No matter where we look, almost every wedding website suggests wedding in Brooklyn, New York.  ViP Sparklers has proudly been serving wedding sparklers to Brooklyn for many years.  Having a warehouse in Brooklyn New York allows us to get our wedding sparklers quickly to our brides in Brooklyn, New York.  We have seen our wedding sparklers all over Brooklyn and wanted to take some time to offer some amazing wedding venues to use our true wedding sparklers.

Brooklyn Wedding Sparklers

  The Liberty Warehouse is one of those venues that offers everything you want and need.  With its brick exterior near the waterway, its internal rustic outline brings forth the classic beauty behind weddings.  This venue compensates for both an indoor and outdoor space to celebrate the ceremony and reception.  A beautifully decorated rail surrounds the waterway with your guests facing a blooming Wedding arc at the end of your Wedding aisle.  The Statue of Liberty poses as your backdrop.  We are fans of everything this venue offers its bride and grooms and have the perfect guest for your meaningful day;  your wedding can take place during a gentle sunset with the starry appearance of Wedding Sparklers to light your special day!  The Liberty Warehouse is perfect for our most popular wedding sparklers: 36inch wedding sparklers.  Use our virtually smokeless and ashless wedding sparklers for a fantastic grand wedding exit.  With its 3.5 - 4 minute sparkling time, our 36 inch wedding sparklers take amazing pictures that will tell your love story for a lifetime.  Our 36 inch wedding sparklers tend to be our most popular Brooklyn wedding sparklers due to it's length allowing the bride and groom to walk under the sparklers!  The pictures these wedding sparklers produce tend to be the best photo's of the entire wedding! ViP Sparklers offers the quickest shipping on true wedding sparklers and a New York brand you can count on!
  Welcome to the Prospect Park Picnic House!  Another dream-inspired venue with an outdoor landscape for natural beauty and live colors.  Absolutely ready to offer amazing pictures, views, and comfort for your wedding day, take advantage of what Brooklyn, New York has to offer.  Just in case you are in love with the view and mourn the moment you have to continue your special day inside, Prospect Park Picnic House extends its famous views with floor-to-ceiling windows.  Make your Wedding day a sparkling day to remember with our night or day Wedding Sparklers!  If Wedding Sparklers were a last minute item and you're already over your Wedding budget, our 20 inch size Wedding Sparklers are a great option with all the capabilities of our 36 inch size sparklers;  the one difference between these two sizes is the burning time (2.5-3 minutes vs. 3.5-4 minutes, respectively).  This venue can easily transform into both a rustic and modern style location complemented by the sparkles of Wedding Sparklers.  Take breathtaking photographs with your bridesmaids and groomsmen using our virtually smokeless and ashless 20inch Wedding Sparklers.


  VIP Sparklers in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New York has the beauty your Wedding Day deserves.  Whether you are seeking a water-view location or a more city-driven venue with the Brooklyn Bridge reaching out to Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York offers a floating oasis with sky-piercing giants.  As supporters of perfect weddings, our famous Wedding Sparklers are being used by brides and grooms everywhere!  Venues that once did not allow Wedding Sparklers are welcoming the use of Wedding Sparklers given the huge demand by Wedding parties.  Newlyweds have fallen in love with our Wedding Sparklers!  Give your guests the joy of creating heart-stirring Wedding photographs and revel in the magic of Wedding Sparklers.  ViP Sparklers offers free on shipping on all Brooklyn orders as well!  If you are in New York City and need sparklers quickly, don't look any further than ViP Sparklers! If you ever have any questions in Brooklyn or New York City about our sparklers do not hesitate to call our email our sparkler offices! 

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