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Sparklers for Quinceañeras


Sparklers for Quinceañeras

  Throughout Latin America, a very special celebration for young women is known as "fiesta de quince años, fiesta de quinceañera, quince años or simply quince," a time when a girl transitions from childhood to young womanhood;  it is a celebration that combines God, family, friends, dance, food, and a symbolized journey.  Given that Fiesta de Quinces are sometimes viewed as miniature weddings, it is a celebration with glamour and careful planning.  Guests rejoice in the festivity and receive keepsakes that symbolize the purpose of Los Quince.  Though not every family pays tribute to the same details or traditions, the overall umbrella of Los Quince is common for everyone.  For example, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador differ in the incorporation of a mass but virtually both follow the same agenda with waltz and cake cutting.  During the entire day of these festivities it’s easy to incorporate a lot of sparklers into the fun filled day!  You can choose from champagne bottle sparklers, premium sparklers, to even our longer sparklers at ViP Sparklers.
  During the celebration, there are several times when smaller events are introduced to the audience:  entrance of the Quinciañera, waltz, cutting of the cake, toast, and lighting of the fifteen candles (or collection of the fifteen roses) are examples of a few.  Many families are now incorporating new traditions or even modern ones to Los Quince to make it even more unique to La Quinciañera.  As such, ViP Sparklers can easily add a twist to your daughter’s memorable day.  Great inclusions are our Wedding Cake Sparklers and Champagne Sparklers that can be used as cake "candles" and clipped to champagne bottles (respectively).  Given the high quality of our Wedding Cake Sparklers, no residue is emitted from the sparkler and a 4"-6" spark will have everyone’s eyes focused on the beautiful center piece that is your cake.
  Most Quinces also include the collection of fifteen roses (each to represent one year of your daughter's life), which were distributed by a flower girl.  Some cultures replace the fifteen roses with fifteen candles, which La Quinciañera lights one by one.  It is a beautiful symbolism of a young girl’s path to young womanhood. Traditionally, most Quinces take place in Banquet Halls (indoors);  therefore, our most popular item (36" inch sparklers) may not be the best appropriate size.  On the other hand, ViP Sparklers offers premium 10" sparklers and 20" sparklers.  Imagine having La Quinciañera walking through a grand exit of beautiful sparklers lighting her way of which she can definitely kindle.  With a burning time of 2.5-3 minutes for the 20" sparklers, photographers will have ample time to take memorable pictures with impeccable lighting.  And since our sparklers are made with a steel wire core, our sparklers ignite with a virtually smokeless and ash-less sparkle.

When Ordering from ViP Sparklers For Your Quiciañeras

  If your Quinces contain a choreographed piece, rehearsal is mandatory.  When you order from ViP Sparklers, you will receive your items within 1-4 business days if our free FedEx Ground shipping is your preferred option (free for orders of $50 or more).  You can then see our product in action during one of your rehearsals and carefully decide if the idea of sparklers is right for you.  If not, ViP Sparklers offers refunds for any unused sparklers.  Begin a new tradition with ViP Sparklers, and we guarantee an unforgettable spark in your daughter’s special day!  If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the appropriate sparkler to glow in your daughter's Quince, please feel free to call us or email us at Sales@ViPSparklers.com.

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