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Wedding Sparklers How to use and dispose

  Using Wedding Sparklers Safely

  Wedding sparklers can make memorable send offs to the couples leaving from the wedding reception and impress both the guests and newlyweds, but at the same time, if not used with much care, they can end up causing unintentional accidents. So, you must use sparklers with care and ask the other people around the wedding venue, to light and dispose the sparklers with care and caution.  

Wedding Sparkler Safety

  At ViP Sparklers we wanted to take the time to discuss some very important safety guidelines for how to use wedding sparklers. Some topics we will go over are the proper lighters to use to effectively ignite the sparklers, suggestions on how to light the sparklers quickly and safely amongst the wedding party, and the safe use of sparkler tips!  

  After hearing from hundreds of wedding planners and brides we've found the easiest and safest way to ignite our wedding sparklers are with butane lighters.  These butane lighters are available in most of the Dollar Stores around the country and you can utilize them by being able to light the sparklers quickly without any issues.  We have found butane lighters to be the most effective method for wedding sparklers because of the steady controlled flame it produces.  With weather conditions being unpredictable the slightest breeze can cause matches and basic lighters to become extremely difficult to move the process along.  Using a butane lighter or barbecue lighter for wedding sparklers creates an easy way for all guest to safely light them.  Once you have safely lit a couple sparklers the quickest and safest way to light the reaming sparklers is to group a couple unlit sparklers between four to eight and have them touch the tips of the lit sparklers. 
With the lighters and the lighting using sparklers will help spread the sparks swiftly and easily allowing you to light hundreds of sparklers well under a minute.  With this approach newlyweds can be given proper sendoffs by waving gently or forming an arch like gesture. The couples will feel blessed to have the guests and the sparklers on the special occasion. 

  By this approach, you can have the wedding photographs come out nicely and avoid the frustration of lighting the sparklers using matches and other means. If the guests include children, ask some of the adults near them to be cautious over the kids. They might not handle the sparklers with more care. So, for all the adults and kids, here are some of the tips on how to light the sparklers easily and carefully.

Tips on how to light the wedding sparklers  

i)               When you are lighting the first set of sparklers, make sure you are lighting them at a place where there the wind is not directed towards you.
ii)              Light only one sparkler at a time. Some sparklers might discharge sparking unpredictably and cause injuries. 
iii)            Don’t try to light your sparkler using matches. It might take a long time and at the same time, you will end up burning your hands holding the matchsticks, by concentrating on lighting the sparkler and without watching the match stick ending. That’s why we prefer butane lighters and ask to avoid matches.
iv)             Butane lighters and Propane torches are some of the best and safe options for lighting the sparklers. They will fire the sparklers quickly when compared to matches and hence will safeguard your hands from burning.
v)              If you want to light many sparklers, light a sparkler and use it to light the other sparklers. In that way, you can light all the sparklers quickly and at the same time, you can avoid any damages caused to the skin. Ask the party with the sparklers to stand in a line and the person with the lit sparkler can just go over the line and lit all the sparklers easily.
vi)             When you are lighting the sparklers, keep the sparkler slightly 30° - 45° downwards. It will help the sparkler to get caught easily, since the flame moves up faster and stronger. 

How to carry your lit sparklers carefully?

  Now, you have lit the wedding sparklers and have the wave it over your head at the newlywed couples. So, in order to do that, you need to be careful not to injure yourself or others and carry it cautiously till you dispose the sparklers in a safe way.
i)               Extend your arms as far as you could. Straighten your hands such that the lit sparklers are far away from your face, eyes, body, clothing and so on.
ii)              Safety of your clothes and skin doesn’t mean your all set. You got to see for the people around you too. Make sure, you don’t take the sparklers near to the people around you.
iii)            While waving the sparklers, don’t wave too fast and hurt others standing nearby you. Also don’t wave them right ahead of you, since the pieces of sparkler can drop on your clothes and cause injuries to you.
iv)             Ask the kids to keep the sparklers away from their faces and eyes. The bright light from the sparklers can cause some irritation in the small kid’s eyes and so they need to seen from quite a distance.
v)              Don’t keep the sparklers closely to any flammable materials such as alcohols, hair spray, nail polish, gasoline etc. They can ignite and burst immediately.

How to dispose the spent wedding sparklers?

  After the bride and groom have exited off into the night and the sparklers have gone out its time to properly dispose of them.  Its best to have two buckets of either sand or water to dispose and easily collect the sparklers at the end.  At ViP Sparklers we hope the above tips are useful for your wedding or romantic occasions.  Please take a moment to view all of our wedding products at this link.  If you have any questions regarding wedding sparklers we have our full time staff to help answer any questions.  Feel free to email us at as well.  We hope to add an extra spark to your event! 


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